Campaign Diary – Week #5

  • Best bit: Helping to launch the national campaign
  • Worst bit: Seeing Hawick and Jedburgh getting flooded *again*
  • Folk of note: Isla Aitken, fabulous North Berwick campaigner, Green and co-founder of Sustaining North Berwick
  • Miles travelled: 259
  • Things I learned: People are amazingly generous! We smashed our South of Scotland fundraising target by over £300 with a week to go. Want to help us get to £2000? Chuck in what you can here. Thanks!
Launching our 2016 campaign with a brilliant team of candidates in Oran Mor
Launching our 2016 campaign with a brilliant team of candidates in Oran Mor in Glasgow’s West End

This week was a combination of campaign, community and climate change with the launch of our national campaign, pondering the community buy out in Moffat and taking part in a community meeting on climate resilience in North Berwick. I managed a bit of downtime as well, catching up with three of my best mates. I’ve even got to spend some time with my partner at a history and culture talk in Edinburgh. Here are the best bits… Continue reading

Why does it take the deaths of 900 people for us to pay attention to asylum seekers? 

being humanThe headlines this morning were all about “EU ministers meet for talks” and “pressure on politicians” after an estimated 900 people drowned between Libya and Italy. Some other commentators focused on anti-immigrant rhetoric being responsible for the deaths, yet the common theme was that almost no news outlet talked about the people who perished as human beings – as people with families, a mind, a past, and now no future – or about the reasons why they were making their way to Europe in the first place.

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