A few years ago, I had the privilege of speaking to lots of audiences across Scotland about independence, Green ideas and how we can transform Scotland. Here are a few of the talks I gave and discussions I took part in. With thanks to The Guardian, North Edinburgh Fights Back, Compass and the Scottish Artists Union in particular.

You can also find all the episodes of Referendum TV on YouTube here.

Taking part in the Good Society – Compass

Left wing think tank Compass held an event in Glasgow back in June 2013 on the Good Society. Their aim was to discuss what it is, how to create it and how to participate in it. I took on the last of those discussions.


Radical independence – Guardian interview

The fab Libby Brooks of The Guardian interviewed a few activists outside the RIC Inverness conference in 2014. Here are some of my thoughts.


Visions for independence

The lovely folks at North Edinburgh Fights Back filmed this speech at a Visions for Independence event in Edinburgh in summer 2014.


Leith Says Aye – Yes Edinburgh North and Leith

One of the highlights of the referendum campaign was Yes Edinburgh North and Leith. A campaign of enormous enthusiasm and brilliant organisation, they did local door to door persuasion incredibly well. In summer 2014 they held a festival of events around Leith and I was delighted to be invited to speak.


Scotsman post debate analysis

The Scotsman held a rather innovative Hangout after one of the referendum debates. Here’s the result, chaired by Kenny Farquharson of the Scotland on Sunday.


Scottish Artists Union referendum discussion forum

I was really chuffed to be asked to go back to my artist roots and talk to the Scottish Artists Union on independence alongside a great panel of artists. It got a little heated at times!


On Trident, Corbyn + Lib Dems

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