Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 13.09.42Today marks 100 days until the Scottish Parliamentary election. For Greens like me, it signals 100 days for us to make our mark; to knock on more doors and speak with more people than ever before; and to build the bolder Holyrood that Scotland desperately needs.

Our campaign is one of hope and determination. One that says Scotland can be better but only with a bolder Holyrood that pushes the likely SNP Government beyond their comfort zone. On issues like fracking, land reform and local democracy, we’ve shown time and again that the public is with the Greens – most people support a ban on fracking and much more radical reforms of how we own and use land as well as how we make decisions at a local level.

Now we need to build a much stronger Green voice in Holyrood to push even further.

Here in the South of Scotland, we are so often disconnected from the rest of Scotland. Our public transport hardly scratches the surface of what’s needed. Even with the fantastic reopened Border Railway, most people in the South are nowhere near a railway line and those who are often find trains that are slow, cancelled, expensive and which don’t connect with other trains or with buses. We must be bolder and braver on transport. We must build more connections and bring down the cost of keeping connected.

On broadband too, we’re woefully underserved in much of the South. We need the kind of investment that will see our communities thrive into the future, able to work from home or in small, local hubs rather than needing to travel huge distances or even leave the region for work. This is what I will push for if elected to represent the South of Scotland.

Across the South, and indeed across Scotland, we stand to show that Scotland can be better; that we can care for all our people with a carer’s wage; that we can end the scourge of fuel poverty and unaffordable homes; that Scotland can have new green jobs fit for the future; that our young people can have real hope and opportunity and that we can unlock the power in our land.

I know that all of this is possible. Now we’ve got 100 days to spread that message and to build that bolder Holyrood and a better Scotland.

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