PiggateThe last week has seen David Cameron and his government come under scrutiny. His past has been picked to pieces and serious questions asked about his conduct following an allegation of behaviour of dubious legality and highly questionable ethics.
I am of course referring to “Pig Gate” but the paragraph above could and should be about the record of Cameron’s government on social security and the notorious fit to work tests.

We heard this week of the first incident where a coroner directly implicated the Government’s so-called “welfare reforms” as the cause of the suicide of a patient. Recent figures also show that between 2011 and 2014, 90 people a month died after being declared “fit to work”.
Make no mistake, people are dying, right here and now because of the vicious and callous actions of this Government.
The allegations about Cameron’s student days may be a humorous source for porcine puns, but our willingness to write off the episode as a funny example of how our Prime Minister is a just “a bit of a lad” excuses an elitist culture endemic within his Cabinet that separates them from us; that makes their behaviour acceptable and ours illegal.
So let us stop allowing this Government to get away with it and start calling them out on their conduct.

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