South Lanarkshire GreensWell it was pretty damp at times, but it’s been a great wee weekend. Friday evening spent in the pub talking quotas and how to support more women to stand as candidates; Saturday with South Lanarkshire Greens at the Carnwath Agricultural Show and then with pals in East Lothian; and today catching up with an old friend after a driving lesson. Here’s some ponderings on the weekend that was…

Friday’s pub chat made me realise that many of the things we need to do to support more women (and BME candidates and disabled candidates and LGBT candidates) to stand for the Greens are actually surprisingly simple. Mentoring, sharing experiences, campaigning about issues that matter to different people at times/places that work for them – all fairly simple eh? But perhaps some concerted effort is needed…

SLan GreensOn Saturday I had the pleasure of hanging out with some lovely South Lanarkshire Greens. I spent the first 7 years of my life living in the region on a wee small holding so it was really nice to get to spend some time at the Carnwath Agricultural Show and catch up with some familiar faces. I decided to try a train/bike combo, having spent my whole childhood really relying on driving in a region where public transport leaves a lot to be desired.

Turns out it’s ridiculously easy and cheap to get the train to Carstairs and cycle the 15 minutes into Carnwath. Of course I got totally soaked on the cycle in and out of the village but it was super simple. Which does of course make one wonder why Abellio is planning to allow just two bikes per train on the new Borders Rail link.

owl tattooAt the show I got chatting to some lovely Young Farmers. I’ve always had a bit of a secret love for the Young Farmers, mostly because they were the crowd who had the best ceilidhs and simultaneously knew how to be an expert sheep shearer (actually really hard) and how to throw an amazing party.  They gave me this awesome tattoo and gave me some good food for thought on who really speaks for farmers in the political realm….

CTintooming back towards Carstairs, I got drenched but when faced with Tinto hill poking out of blue sky, it didn’t really matter. This is the landscape that makes me go all quivery at the knees. Which is awkward when cycling.

After a brief pit stop in Edinburgh to get out of my damp clothes (and get into dry ones) I hit the road for train/bike combo number two and headed in the direction of Drem in East Lothian. A gorgeous wee village, the place was packed with traffic from the nearby airshow which drew the crowds along the road. By the time I reached Fenton Barns, the sun was properly out and the landscape looked stunning. Arable fields as far as the eye could see, I spotted Arthur’s Seat in one direction and North Berwick Law in the other. No big political thoughts here – just an appreciation of amazing hills!

Here’s the best of the hills…

Arthurs seat + firth of forth Arthurs Seat field + sky North Berwick Law



One thought on “Trains, bikes, hills + pals

  1. fionamgrahame says:

    Bonnie pictures – and would be interesting to find out the reasoning behind only 2 bikes permitted on each train on new Borders railway – what if you were a family of 4/5?

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