Here’s the opening speech I gave to the Pilton Community Health Project hustings on 19th March.

Thank you for inviting me here tonight. This election is taking place at a time of growing poverty, privatisation and powerlessness. For many people across Scotland, and I suspect here in this room, talk of an economic recovery bears no relation to their lives, with rents rising, the fuel poverty crisis growing and wages failing to meet the ever increasing costs of living. It is very clearly time for change

That’s why in this election, Greens are setting out our vision for an economy for the people and a society for all. I want to set out the three areas where we want to turn that vision into reality.

Firstly, Greens will fight for equality, not poverty with a £10 minimum wage and an end to the cruel benefits regime that punishes the poor for their poverty.

Second, we’ll keep public services in public hands, returning the railways to public ownership and protecting services like the NHS from privatisation and shady trade deals that threaten our democracy.

And third, we’d hand power to communities, securing more powers for Scotland and trusting local people to make decisions about the things that matter to them

The referendum was an inspiring show of democracy and proof that politics has changed In 2015 we want to see a transformation of the tired, old politics of Westminster. With a five-fold increase in Scottish Green Party membership over the last year, there’s never been a better chance to elect a Green MP.

So if you want a government that pays people a wage they can build a life on, that invests in services that support us all and that trusts the people to take control, vote Green this May and help build an economy for the people and a society for all.

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