Terry Pratchett having a ball

Sir Terry Pratchett having a ball

Standing in the Scottish Parliament entrance hall today, checking my phone on the way back to the office, I found myself stopped in my tracks and welling up. I’d just seen the news that author and campaigner Sir Terry Pratchett had died at 66, just a year older than my Dad. Pratchett’s work has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and his death feels like that of a dear friend.

Whether it’s Nanny Ogg’s sexual innuendos and narrow avoidance of catching the plague from the horror of a cat that is Greebo, or the fact that the librarian in the Unseen University is an orang-utan, Pratchett’s Discworld is full of characters and places that will live on in the imagination of people around the world.

Alongside Douglas Coupland's works, Terry Pratchett's books outnumber all the fiction I own by all other authors.

I realised upon walking through my front door tonight that almost half of all the fiction I own is by him.

For me, Sir Terry just understood people and seemed to get what life was for, how societies worked and how the tiniest of actions fits a much bigger scale of historical and universal significance. I really don’t know how he did it without being somehow omnipotent but I’ll always be immensely grateful for his funny, touching and deeply important works.

Thank you Terry.

(there are some wonderful wee tributes online here and here. And Buzzfeed have this which is rather beautiful)

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