Behind the scenes recording NewsShaft's first podcast

Behind the scenes recording NewsShaft’s first podcast

I was honoured this week to be invited on to the first podcast from NewsShaft – the freshest face in Scottish political podcasts. Brainchild of Jack Foster, James Devoy and Carolyn Scott (the team behind the phenomenal Dateline Scotland), NewsShaft is a 25 minute rundown of the week’s news, broadcast every Thursday in time to cover that day’s First Minister’s Questions.

In this first podcast we talk childcare, Tory schools stuff and whether the latest unemployment figures show that austerity is working (clue: it’s not).

Check out NewsShaft every Thursday at and make sure you give them your hard earned cash so they can keep the thing going.

One thought on “NewsShaft – Scotland’s latest political podcast

  1. stuarthaddon says:

    I just discovered this podcast and enjoyed it immensely – a really refreshing look at the news with a more conducive political slant as far as I’m concerned!
    Good luck with your campaign, BTW. I have a strong connection with Edinburgh North and Leith. For ten years (1993-2003), I was the headteacher at Craigroyston Community High – those were the very best years of my career – and later the neighbourhood manager for children’s services in North Edinburgh. Although I’m living in the USA right now, my wife and I still have a flat in Leith.
    I’m very pro-independence (like many former members of the Labour Party) and very sympathetic to the Greens. However, I’m afraid I’ll be voting SNP in May (sorry!). Once we get an independent Scotland, then I will, of course, be open to reconsidering who I support. 🙂

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