I was appalled but sadly not surprised to see the Vice Chair of East Lothian Labour suggesting on Twitter that voters in Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk constituency should vote Conservative to keep the SNP out.

Local Labour's Vice-Chair urges voters to choose Tories

Local Labour’s Vice-Chair urges voters to choose Tories

You’d be forgiven for wondering whether the Scottish Labour strategy for 2015 is still about warning folk that voting SNP will let the Tories in. Well yes. Except when it’s not.

This is exactly the kind of tactical voting nonsense that sees voter turnout plummet year after year and turns people off politics for good. Vote for these guys to stop those people; don’t vote for this person because you’ll just let in this even worse person. It’s old, tired, meaningless tactics that show just how broken Westminster politics is.

Pauline Stewart

Scottish Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate Pauline Stewart

If you fancy changing that politics, the fabulous Pauline Stewart is standing in Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk for the Greens. We won’t tell you to vote for someone else. Just vote for what you believe in. If that’s a £10 minimum wage, renationalising the railways and bringing power to the people, Vote Green in 2015 and forget the politics of old.

4 thoughts on “East Lothian Labour urges voters to choose Tories

  1. Absolutly. And scrapping Trident, of course, which neither Tory’s nor Labour seem inclined to even consider.

  2. IanV says:

    And this is probably why my top manifesto priority has almost always been electoral reform.

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