I am a Green activist, writer and artist. Originally from just outside Biggar in South Lanarkshire, I grew up near Peebles in the Borders, spent a couple of years in sunny Dunbar in East Lothian and now stay back near Biggar.  I stood for the Scottish Green Party heading the South of Scotland list for Holyrood in May 2016 and was the party’s candidate for Dunbar and East Linton in the 2017 local election.

This site is home to various bits of news, views and ponderings. Expect lots of Scottish Green Party things, the occasional funny cat video and the odd ramble about why Mogwai aren’t actually that good.

Get in touch via Twitter or by leaving comments.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dear Sarah
    I’m 70, and have voted Liberal all my life. When I filled in my postal vote today the first-past-the-post candidates were such nonentities that I left that ballot blank in indignation. Likewise the list: so I voted for my you. My next generation down and their friends are doing the same. I’ve twice been invited to stand for Westminster safe seats, and have each time turned them down as a waste of precious resource. Please let me know when anything Green’s happening near TD4

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